Abbreviation Full Name Discipline Involved Meanings / Remarks
*FEED Front End Engineering Design All Also called "Basic design and engineering package
*HAZOP Hazard Operability Process Operation risk assessment for flammable process plants
*P&ID Piping and Instrumentation Diagram Process The first and main drawing, from which the piping and other disciplines start design work.
*Plot Plan Plant and Equipment Layout Piping Main drawing
BM / BQ Bill of Material, Bill of Quantity All For enquiry and quotation
D/S Data Sheet Process Requirements / requisition / technical parameters to downstream disciplines for their design input
DCS Distribute Control System Instrument  
DEDD Detailed Engineering Design Data All  
DESP Detailed Engineering Schedule Progress All Weekly engineering progress monitoring system
EPC Engineering, Procurement, Construction General  
EPCM Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Management    
FAT Factory Acceptance Test Equipment Factory test before shipment
GA General arrangement Equipment General layout
GTL Gas-to-Liquids Processing General  
IFA Issue for approval All (Drawings) submit to client for approval
IFC Issue for construction All (After drawing approval) used for construction
Index Index Instrument Instrument list
LNG Liquefied Natural Gas General  
LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas General  
MCC Motor Control Centre Electrical, Instrument  
MTO Material Taking Off Piping, civil, instrument, electrical  
NGL Natural Gas Liquids General  
PDS Plant Development System Piping Piping 3D design programme combination of database and drafting. Comprehensive.
PFD Process Flow Diagram Process  
PMT Project Management Team All  
Rating Rating Equipment Equipment selection
RFC Release for Concept All  
RFD Release for Design All  
Shut Down (Equipment) Shut Down Equipment Equipment shut down for periodic maintenance
SPEC Specifications All Technical requirements mainly used to get quotations from vendors and suppliers. Also used for construction quality control later on.
T&C Local and integrated commissioning Equipment Local: individual; Integrated: all, the system; Commissioning: test, certified and put into use.
TBE Technical Bid Evaluation Equipment, Instrument Review technical proposal from vendor based on specifications before proceeding to procurement.
Tie-in (Pipe) Tie-In Piping To connect the new pipe line to the existing one
UFD Utility Flow Diagram Process  

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