Located by the Sheikh Zayed Road and in front of a residential area, Gardens, and about 25 minutes walk from my Dubai living place, Discovery Gardens (Discovery Gardens was developed later than the Gardens and spread along a main district road), Battuta Mall is a wonderful place not only for its giant size but also for its rich decorations with multi-cultural themes both for façade and interior finishes. Named after a famous mid-century Arabian traveler, it comprises China Court, India Court, Persia Court, Egypt Court, Tunisia Court and Andalusia Court. Shoppers walk along the Mall’s main corridor, experience the unique surroundings of that court and able to see the different statues, displays, exhibitions with introductions. Of course, the most common place is at Tunisia Court, where the Geant Supermarket and food court are located. Starbucks coffee are everywhere, the biggest of which is at the Persia Court. Outside the Persia Court is the newly built “Battuta” station of Metro, Dubai’s first city railway transport scheduled to service on 9 September 2009.

Location of Battuta Mall


China Court

Outside view of the China Court

Inside view of the China Court

Zheng He's big boat

South facing chariot


India Court


Persia Court

The biggest Starbucks coffee of the Mall is located in the center of the Court


Egypt Court


Tunisia Court

Andalusia Court

Entrance to the Andalusia Court

There is a second-hand bookshop and a CD/DVD shop at the corner. Bus stop 8A, F43 are nearby.

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