Heritage house, or traditional housing for local Emiratis, is built on available local materials: coral stone, sea soil, wood, leaves, etc. It is the 2 or 3 storey buildings to surround a courtyard in the center. The compounds are for a big family use: stock pen, kitchen, well and water bottle corner, store, toilet, sitting rooms, bedrooms, etc.


Typical heritage house model

A heritage house in Deira

A restored heritage house in Heritage Village Area, Bur Dubai.

A restored heritage house. Heritage Village, Bur Dubai.

Every heritage house has this tower. I can not figure out what it is for. Heritage House, Deira.

Courtyard of the house. Heritage House, Deira.

2nd floor. Heritage House, Deira.

A refurbished heritage house used as a restaurant. Bastakiya, Bur Dubai.

A refurbished heritage house. Some of these houses are used as museums, art gallery. Bastakiya, Bur Dubai.

Shops with the style of the heritage house. Bur Dubai.

Fine and detailed decorations can be found in the heritage house. Heritage Village, Bur Dubai.

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