Arrive in Dubai

Dubai International Airport Terminal 1. The airport is near the town area, Deira.

Airport Terminal 1, outside passengers' area


Journey from Airport to the Discovery Gardens, My Dubai Living Place

Sheikh Zayed Road, the main highway across Dubai City. About 60km from the Airport to the Discovery Gardens. The Metro (right), Dubai first city train is scheduled to service on 9 Sept 09.


Arrive at Discovery Gardens

I arrived at the Discovery Gardens, the Mediterranean Cluster. My temporary home.

The mosque at the road junction from the Sheikh Zayed Road. It is the landmark leading to the Discovery Gardens.

Discovery Gardens, a newly built residential district by a large local developer, the Nakheel, is located to the south-west of the town about 50km. It has full of Arabic facade features.

Pedestrian road. I walk between Building 35 and 80 two times daily. Take me about 7 mins. Building 35 has a company's canteen.

My temporary living block. Mediterranean Cluster. Building 80.

My studio unit


Go to Site Office and Start Working there from 7:30am till 6:00pm

My Daily Routine: 7 minutes walk from my Building 80 to Building 35 at 6:45am for breakfast (UAD 5). 7:10am: company bus picks staff up and heads for job site. 12:00pm-1:00pm: Lunch (self prepared pack). 6:00pm: ride company bus and get back to Discovery Gardens, Building 35. 6: 20pm: Video call with my family. 7:00pm: Dinner (UAD 20). 8:00pm: walk back to my building 80. And then, taking a shower, preparing the following day's lunch, mild exercise, reading newspaper. 10:30-11:00pm: go to bed.


Exit to Oman to Extend Visiting Visa

Singapore passport holder is allowed to stay in Dubai for 30 days and extended by another 30 days. After which, one has to exit and return to renew the visiting visa.

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