Mobile Cranes

400-t mobile crane

100-t mobile crane

100-t mobile crane

50-t mobile crane

Outriggers, an extended legs of mobile cranes that take load from wheels during lifting stage


Crawler Cranes

100-t crawler crane

100-t crawler crane

70-t crawler crane

50-t crawler crane


Crawler crane with clamp shell: for deep excavation and marine excavation


Tower Cranes

Stationed tower Crane: for high-rise structures

Hammer type tower cranes

Rising up by hydraulic jack-up mechanism

Tower crane jack-up mechanism

Tower crane jack-up mechanism

Tower crane assembly and self-jack up process


Other Cranes

Crane barge, a giant floating crane

Gantry crane used in construction of TBM shaft

Portal cranes used in wharf and open warehouse

Quay crane to load / unload containers from container vessels

Forklift, a lightweight "sprite" used mainly in warehouse



Hook and shackle


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