Auger 螺旋钻杆: a screw-shaped tool that can drill holes into the ground. Mainly used for upper part of ground drilling for bored piles and king post.

Bit 钻头: Drilling teeth that cuts through the earth 〉 Eg. Drill Bit

Barge 平底船: a flat-bottomed boat, built mainly for transporting heavy goods. Most barges are not self-propelled and need to be moved by tug boats 〉Eg. Crane Barge 起重船;Material Barge;Hopper Barge: for loading, transporting and delivering dredged material 底部带泄料口的平底船

Boom 起重臂: a crane's long, extending arm

Bucket 斗: the working part of a digging machine that scoops up earth

Bulldozer 推土机: a machine with a large blade at the front which can push huge amounts of earth > Compare"Backhoe": Bulldozer is working and moving forwards

Backhoe 反铲: an excavator whose shovel bucket is attached to a hinged boom and is drawn backward to move earth > Compare "Bulldozer": Backhoe is working and moving backwards

Batching Plant 混凝土搅拌站: a plant to produce fresh concrete from cement, sand, aggregate, water and addictives according to prescribed mixing ratio by weight or volume

Bentonite 膨润土: Clay composed primarily of montmorillonite, that swells when wet. Because of its gel-forming properties, bentonite is a major component of water-based drilling muds to keep the drilled hole or excavated trench from collapse

Boom Lift: also knonw as Cherry Picker. See Cherry Picker.

Cab or Cabin 控制室,驾驶室,操纵室: machine operator's working room

Calibrate 标定: to make the measuring device standard or correct

Cherry Picker 车载升降台: also known as a boom lift or, hydro-ladder, a mobile crane with an working platform at the top of the boom that can be raised to allow workers to work off the ground, e.g. to work for an overhead cables, lamppost

Chisel 凿: to break something up

Clamshell 蛤壳式挖泥器: kind of bucket attached to a crane through steel ropes. The shape is like a natural clam. Mainly used in dredging.

Compactor 压实机械: a heavy vehicle driven across soft earth to squash it down and make it harder

Compressor 空气压缩机: a diesel engine-driven pump that pushes air through a pipe into a tool such as road drill, pneumatic drill

Concrete Mixer 混凝土搅拌车: heavy truck with a drum-like rotating container filled with fresh concrete on its back to transport fresh concrete from the batching plant to the job site

Conveyor Belt 输送带: a moving belt that is used to move goods or materials from one place to another

Counterweight 压重: a mental or concrete block attached to a crane, which balances the load to stop the crane from falling over

Crane 吊车,起重机: machine that is used to lift items too heavy to be moved by human being > Eg. Tower Crane, Mobile Crane, Crawler Crane, Derrick Crane

Crawler Crane 履带式起重机: a metal belt around a set of wheels as a "foot" of a lifting machine which helps it move over rough, soft, or slippery ground

Chute 溜槽: a channel that directs loose material > Eg. Rubbish Chute, Concrete Chute

Derrick 扒杆式起重机,桅杆式起重机: a lifting device made up of a three-legged poles to form a framework and held in position by a number of guy ropes. At the top of which a hoisting rope passes over a pulley. Used primarily for ad-hoc lifting purpose

Dozer 推土机 > See Bulldozer

Dragline Bucket 拖絏式挖斗: bucket to collect the material on the surface when being drawn along

Dredging 疏浚: excavate out the sediment from the bed of the water body to make it deeper

Drum (混凝土运输车上的鼓形)搅拌桶: mixing container on the back of a concrete truck

Dump Truck or Dumper 翻斗卡车: a truck with a large container called hopper on the back that is emptied by tipping it up

Excavator 挖土机: a digging machine

Fly Jib 延伸臂: an extended arm at the end of the boom

Forklift 叉车: a small industrial vehicle with a power operated forked platform in front that can be inserted under pallets of load to lift and move them for lifting and transporting. Often used in warehouse.

Gantry Crane 门式起重机: a crane supported by a bridge shaped frame. The frame moves along rail tracks and the trolley crane moves under the frame. Commonly used in port and shaft construction. > Another name: Portal Crane

Gondola 吊篮: a basket-like car without roof that hangs from the building roof top. The basket is able to move around the building. It can carry light goods, tools and workers and is usually used for building facade maintenance and cleaning.

Grab 抓斗,棘爪: Metal "hand" attached in front of a excavator > Eg. Hydraulic Grab 液压抓斗, Mechanical Grab 机械抓斗

Grader 平土机. Similar to Scraper, but only for spreading and smoothing the ground.

Guy Ropes 缆风绳:Lines used for steadying, guiding or holding something, usually the poles

Hoist 升降机 > Eg. Passenger Hoist 载人施工电梯

Hook 吊钩: a device attached to the end of the crane rope to "catch" the object to be lifted

Hopper 漏斗: funnel shaped dispenser > Eg. Hopper Barge: barge with a hopper at its bottom where contents can be passed into dumping ground below by gravity

Hydraulic 液压的: the movement part of machine parts that is powered by a liquid, such as oil > Eg. Hydraulic Cylinder 液压缸

Jib 吊臂,特指塔吊吊臂: same as boom, but more referring to tower crane

Jib Crane 单臂轻型吊车: a light duty lifting machine with a cantilever-like frame. Used mainly at workshop.

Kelly Bar(钻机等用于控制垂直升降的)直杆: a component of a piling machine. It is a tall vertical post used to control the drilling bit vertically.

Lattice 格构: the criss-cross pattern of metal bars that makes up a strong frame, eg., boom

Loader 装载机. Similar to Bulldozer. A vehicle with a bucket that is used to scoop soil or other loose materials off the ground. The material is then loaded into a truck.

lorry 卡车: Same as Truck (British English)

Luffing 变幅,(指塔吊吊臂的)垂直升降: Vertical movement of jib > Eg. Luffing Crane

Mover 拖车车头: vehicle to pull trailers behind > Eg. Prime Mover 平板拖车

Mobile Crane 轮式起重机: a crane with wheels that can travel by road

Mill Certificate (产品出厂的)品质证书: document provided by the manufacturer specifying the product's physical and chemical parameters

Outriggers 外伸支腿: strong metal legs that reach out from the side of a machine or vehicle, for example, mobile crane, concrete pump, to give it a wider base and so make it steadier

Overhead Travelling Crane 桥式吊车,行车: a bridge-like structure with a suspended trolley moving across it. The "bridge" spans over a workshop, supported at two end beams and moves longitudinally along the workshop.

Pallet(起吊散装货物时的)托盘;一包,一捆(的起吊量)Eg. a Pallet of Brick

Passenger Hoist(施工用)载人电梯: a vertical transport car attached by the side of a building or structure during construction period. Used to carry workers or light materials to every floor.

Piling Machine 打桩机


Portal Crane: same as Gantry Crane

Prime Mover 平板拖车

pulley 滑轮: a metal wheel

Pump 泵 〉Eg. Concrete Pump 混凝土泵车

Rigger(起吊前将吊索、吊具捆住被吊物品的)索具操纵工: workers responsible for fasten the object with hooks or ropes before lifting operation

Roller 压路机: a machine that flattens and hardens the surface of a newly laid road

Scissor Lift: 剪式升降台。Similar function to Cherry Picker.

Scraper 平土机: a vehicle with a sharp blade underneath. The blade smoothes out bumps on the ground as the vehicle drives along. The vehicle also carries, transports and discharges the soil loads . Comparing to bulldozer, scraper can cover longer distance. > Compare: Grader

Service Crane (为其他主作业服务的)吊机: a crane used to provide other main activities with lifting services

Silent Piler 静力压桩机: a type of piling machine that presses the piles into the ground instead of hammering in.

Slewing (塔吊的)回转: horizontal movement of jib

Spreader 横吊梁(作用同吊钩,以分散吊件的应力集中)

Shackle (吊钩上的)钩链(以防止绳索脱钩)

Telescopic 可伸缩的: Able to be extended and folded. Eg. telescopic boom of a mobile crane

Tie Back(塔吊同建筑结构之间的)拉结

Tipper Truck or Tipper 小翻斗车

Tip Load(塔吊小车位于最远端时的)最大起重量

Trailer (拖车的)挂车: carriage loaded with goods to be drawn by a mover

Trolley (塔吊的)小车: the lifting part of a tower crane that runs along the jib

Tower Crane 塔吊: a crane that sits on top of a tall metal tower

Tractor 拖拉机: a vehicle which travels on either crawler tracks or wheels, intended primarily to exert a powerful tractive force for pulling a load carrier called trailer

Tug Boat 拖船: Self-propelled boat used to pull or push along a barge

Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) 盾构机: a machine designed to cut its way through the ground to create a tunnel

Vibrating Poker 混凝土震动棒

Winch (钢索、绳索等的)绞车


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