(Based on Marina Barrage Project experience)


Bentonite circulation system - schematic sketch


Bentonite circulation system - site layout

Polymer circulation system - site layout

Bentonite density test with cone and measuring cup (by measuring dripping time)

Rebar fabrication

Rebar cage with column start bar

Rebar spacer

Drive steel casing (about 15m deep)

Boring good soil using auger

Boring marine clay using cleaning bucket

Drill bit for the hard soil (from Sambo catalogue)

Rock chiesel (from Sambo catalogue)

Measure the depth of bored hole and get soil sample of the founding level

Erect rebar cage into bored hole

Join the rebar cage using clamp

Clamp close view

Tremie concreting - maintain a continuous embedment of tremie pipe in the concrete (at least 2m) as section of tremie pipe is removed


Bored piling production rate