Trade Production Rate Unit Remark
Temporary Works      
Drive King Post 4 Nos. / day  
Install Steel Deck 64 m2 / day  
Drive Sheet Pile (Vibration Method) 40 Nos. / day per rig
Drive Sheet Pile (Silent Piler with Water Jet Method) 10 Nos. / day per rig
Install Diaphragm Wall 0.67 Panel / day  
Soil Improvement      
JGP 6 nos. / per day per rig  
Piling Works      
Install Bored Pile 1 Nos. / day 1 operator, 1 banksman (check verticality), 3 workers and 1 crane operator.
Drive RC Piles 160-200 m / day 1 welder, 1 operator, 1 worker
Open Excavation 600 m3 / day 600m3 is min. Can up to 1000m3.  It involves 1 excavator and 10 lorries.
Strutted Excavation 500 m3 / day  
Bulk Excavation 300 m3 / day 3 men
Excavation in Trench 25-50 m / day  
Pipe jacking for Sewer Line 6 m / day through normal soil
Rock Blasting 20 m3 / week 5 men
RC Works      
Concreting 45-50 m3 / 8 men
Rebar (assembly only) 45-50 hr / tonne  
Wire Mesh (normal) 0.1 manhr / m2  
Wire Mesh (heavy duty) 0.2 manhr / m2  
Conventional Formwork for Beam and Slab 3 manhr / m2  
System Formwork / Conventional FW for Wall 2 manhr / m2  
Launch Precast Slab   no. / d  
Tower Crane 15 Pallet / d  
Architectural Works      
Stone Cladding 1000 m2 / mth  
Detailed Architectural Works Trade Production Rate: per gang day Unit Composition: Men per Gang
Brickwork 50 m2 4
Floor Screed 50 m2 4
Acoustics 200 m2 4 with 1 machine
Ceiling Frame 60 m2 4
Ceiling Panels 60 m2 4
Wall Frame 60 m2 2
Wall Panels 120 m2 4
Painting Sealer 200 m2 1
Floor Tiling 40 m2 5
Granite Flooring 70 m2 4
1-0 Planning Duration:
planning workdays per week: 7
planning workhours per week: 56
planning weeks per month: 4.3
2-0 Normal Cycle Time:
Cycle time for in-situ RC high-rise building using system FW: 9-12d
Cycle time for in-situ RC high-rise building using conventional FW: 13-16d
Cycle time for the initial story and roof part: 17-20d
Cycle time for steel structure with Bondek system: 5-7d
3-0 Productivity:
3-1 Labour productivity is a measure of the overall effectiveness of an operating system in utilising labour,
equipment, and capital to convert labour efforts into usuful output.  In other words, it is a measure of the 
team work.
3-2 For measuring lower level productivity, use unit such as m3/manhr for concreting, kg/manhr for 
rebar installation.
3-3 For measuring higher level productivity, use unit such as $/manhr.  For instance, monthly payment over
total man hour spent on that month.


The table is under review. The author is revising the production rates based on his newly participated actual projects. Some figures can be seen at other sections under this "Productivity" and Marina Barrage progress photo section.