Ground anchors to diaphragm wall (Sanshin catalogue)

Ground anchor to CBP wall (Utraco)


Ground anchor concept: 1. Prestressed steel rod installed in soil or rock that is used to transmit an applied tensile force into the ground; 2. The anchor bond length (end part) shall be located behind the critical failure plane; 3. The unbonded part use sheath to prevent the tendon from bonding to the surrounding grout so that the prestressing force can be transferred to the ground; 4. Often used as tie back to enhance the lateral resistance for the sheet pile wall, diaphragm wall and contiguous bored pile wall; 5. The bond length is about 3m - 10m. The unbonded length is usually grater than 7m.


1. Drilling

2. Grout Injection

3. Insert Strands



4. Pressurization

5. Prestressing

6. Remove Casing

7. Remove Strands After Job completes

Ground Anchor Installation Procedures


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