The term "system formwork" is to differentiate the conventional formwork, typically the timber one. System formwork has the standard prefabricated modular components with large casting panel. After "legoing" the modular components through different combination with the aid of CAD design and subsequently assembly on site, the system formwork can suit the required shape of concrete structures. Minor conventional formwork to complement the deficiency of the system formwork is still required on site. System formwork has good casting quality, speedier erection and more recycle times compared to the conventional formwork. However, the initial investment of system formwork is higher than the conventional one. Therefore, the more cycle times the system formwork is to be used, the more economical it will be. A good example is the repeated typical floors of a high-rise building.

System formwork is a specialised kind of job. It supports the in-situ RC contractors by providing services of design, delivery, site support and buy-back after job completion.

Jumpform or climbform is one type of the system formwork for vertical structures which needs the cranage to lift it up for each cycle. The slipform, on the other hand, is usually using its own hydraulic power to lift itself up against the previously completed structures and is suited for no-change section of the tall structure, for example, chimney an silo. The main components of the system formwork include plywood, beam, waler, falsework, joint parts, bracing and operation platform.

In Singapore, the major players are Doka and Peri, among others. Both are German companies where Peri has more proprietary factors in its components.

(Extracted from Doka Catalogue)


Column Formwork



Wall Formwork


Wall Formwork Detail



Lift Core Formwork


Lift core formwork working mechanism

(Extracted from Legatus Catalogue)


Slipform components

(Extracted from Doka Catalogue)


Table form is suitable for flat slab like warehouse


Formwork for flat slab with drop panel


A typical table form unit

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