1.       What is called "Cost Load"?

"Cost load" is to apply Budgeted Cost to the required activities with necessary cost account and resource.  It is another version of BQ and used for progress payment.

2.       Under Primavera: Export .wks file

Under Content: Select the fields to be exported to Excel.



Under Format: Set the .wks file location and file name (no extension). Sorting is the same as the programme.



Under Selection: Filter to have desired data to be exported.



3.       Under Excel

Step 1: Open .wks file

Step 2: Save as .xls file

Step 3: Cost load to the .xls file

Step 4: Save as .wks file (overwrite the previous .wks file)


4.       Under Primavera

Before importing the data, Budgeted Cost under P3 must be "cleared". Otherwise, run Global Change to delete all Budgeted Cost data.



5.       Under Primavera: Import .wks file



Note: by experience, a “bridge” Excel sheet is needed to link BQ and P3.