1.       What is Tabulation of Cost by Calendar Month and Projected Cash Flow S-Curve?

It is a table showing monthly interim payment.  It is used for tender and financial evaluation.  An example of extraction is below.



S-curve is simply a graphic representation of the table.


2.       Under Primavera

Go to Tools > Tabular Reports > Cost > Tabular.


Under “Resource Selection”: Specify “Direct”, “Indirect” and “Provisi” (defined under Data > Resource and cost loaded to activities).


Note: You need to add a fresh tabular report instead of modifying from the existing one.



Under “Selection”: able to pipe out which part of activities to have S-curve.


Under “Timescale”: select Early and Late dates S-curve respectively.  Indicate the location of .wks file to be exported.  Timescale unit is month.


3.       Under Excel

Open .wks file and save as .xls file.  Tidy up and capture other factors which the programme does not consider them, such as advanced payment and payback installment, claim retention, duration of payment certificate.