1.       What is Tabulation of Cost by Major Items of Work?

It is a table extracted from the P3 programme to show the summary activities with cost load.  It is used for tender evaluation.  An example of extraction is below.




2.       Under Primavera

Go to Tools > Tabular Reports > Matrix > Resource / Cost.


Under “Content”: specify “Budgeted Cost” as the data item.  Resource is: direct, indirect and provisi (defined and cost loaded to activity)




Under “Format”: indicate “Display column totals” and “Display row totals”.



Under “Sort”: order shall be the same as the programme.



Under “Selection”: a standard filter.




Choose to generate the report and see on screen.  Save the report as rich text file (.rtf).  Copy the file to the Excel.


3.       Under Excel

Tidy up the pasted file.


Sometimes, may generate more than 2 files and join them under excel.